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ISAURA Jeans is a french brand, all started with the grand mother of the family who transmitted me the love she wears to sewing.

During my childhood I even used to insert the thread in the famous needle. In her small workshop she was able to teach me how to work different cuts of time and, to understand the different configurations that can have each clothing that allowed me to acquire a know-how.

She especially introduced me to one particular detail regarding the quality of fabrics:


"better not to make anything if the raw materials are not of quality, because the life of the item of clothing will be shorter".


So i created a line of clothing by taking all these bases, and reworking the lines so that they adapt to each morphology because we are all different. The cuts marry the shape of the body without necessarily compresses.

The production of clothes is entirely carried out in Portugal, ISAURA jeans wants to show a strong image by producing in the Iberian Peninsula. The brand image is based on urban fashion, one does not privilege the mass sale and our articles are of limited series.

What we are looking for above all is the satisfaction of our customers. In the near future ISAURA jeans aims to offer you a wide selection of products.

We let you imagine the etymology of the brand no need to say more!


good visit to you hoping that you will find your happiness!


Be stylish everyday